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Firearms Classes and Training
(When you are faced with a dangerous situation, it's your life on the line)
Do you have the skills to survive?

What we offer

Basic Pistol Class:
The Basic Shooting Course will meet your needs in providing a sound foundation in the basics of pistol shooting. With this training course, you will have the confidence to pass a Concealed Handgun License Course as well as have the necessary knowledge to build on through practice to become a proficient hand gunner.
The course covers:

  • Gun Safety
  • Texas Laws regarding where you can have your guns and when you can use them
  • Home and Personal security improvements
  • Home Defense and Safety in the Home
  • Proper Storage in the Home
  • Cleaning Guidance
  • Guidance on the Right Gun for You
  • Proper Grip, Stance, Sight Picture, and Trigger Control

*Cost: $125 for a private class or $100 for our group class held each 1st Sunday of the month.

Personal Protection Courses 1-3:
These classes are designed for persons holding concealed handgun licenses or shooters wanting to learn how to win the gunfight. A three-class package giving each shooter all the skills they need to properly defend themselves against attackers in their homes. Feel confident that our Professional Shooting instructor Kevin Gentry will train you how to practice the proper skills needed. Basic Pistol class or proven shooting skills are required to take this course.
The course covers:

  • Multiple target engagement
  • Transition shooting
  • Distraction shooting
  • Shooting on the move
  • Distance shooting with accuracy
  • Injured shooter transition
  • Use of cover
  • Suppressive fire 
  • Reloading

*Cost: $150 per class for a private instruction with discounts for multiple students.

Our Instructor:
Kevin Gentry - Master Class USPSA/IPSC/IDPA Competition Shooting, Currently Captain of the Rudy Project Sunglasses USA Shooting Team - Captain of the largest competition shooting team in the world. 25years experience. US Army Rifle Expert Qualifications.

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