Gun Rentals

Machine Gun, Rifle and Pistol Rentals
(We now have an AR-15s available for rent: $30 plus box of ammo)

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Machine Gun Rentals
Have you ever wanted to shoot a fully automatic machine gun? We have the solution for you and your group. Our range safety officers will guide you through and help you have a memorable day!

Here are just a few guns that we have.

Handgun Rentals
Cost - $15.00 per gun plus ammo. (we require you to use our ammunition when renting our guns.)

Guns we have to rent at the range
If you don't have a firearm yet or are not sure what type of firearm you want to purchase for concealed carry or just shooting pleasure, we have many models to rent to help you in your decision-making process.

40S&W - G-27, G-23, G-22, G-35
9MM - G-26, G-19, G-17
45ACP - G-21SF

22LR RIFLE - 10/22

CUSTOM 1911  45ACP

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